• Science

    The scientific method not only allowed us to expand our horizons of life, but has also been the starting point for new ways of looking at life.


  • Spirituality

    New ways of feeling the existence are entering the world, ways closer to the reality that we perceive , new discoveries bring us closer to the most ancient beliefs


  • Aplication

    All this new knowledge to which we have access is applicable. We must begin to see the world differently, applying what we already know to build a better reality.


Welcome to a new view of the Universe!

Where the old world and the future are the same reality


Learning to see reality as it is. Learning really means stepping out of conventional patterns to accept what is


The information is processed in our mind to give understandable forms. Forms that conform to what we can understand


A new reality emerges with the new data and we can change reality to shape a better way


Ideas should not be alone in that. Apply is the last step to close any cycle and give rise to a new


We are

A concept, for which you need to set the mind in a different way. Active Consciousness is a construction that projects into the construction of a full life. If you're reading this right now, you are giving life to this concept. We exist only because there is an observer who joins the idea, creates and executes it.